Smosh Fun Facts

How to get the Smosh logo (from their website in 2003-2005) on your blog

1.) Copy and paste this code»> 

<a target=”_blank” href=””><img src=”” width=”88” height=”31” border=”0”></a>

in your HTML source on your blog. Make sure to click “update” AND “save” or else it wont show up.

PS: Once it’s on your blog, if you click on it, it will take you to the website from 2003!

(PS: Sorry it’s been so long since we’ve uploaded a fact.) Oh, and the reason I said ‘85% chance’ is because they filmed this episode with Russians (not entirely sure what it’s about but I do know that it includes russians and a russian bride) on May 15th, and they usually put out their videos a month (or like, a month and 2 weeks) After they film it. So even though they shot it a month ago it maybe still another week or 2 before they post it. But hopeully they’ll post it today :P

I found this old remake Anthony made and posted on back in 2004 of the song “Mesmerize” By: Ja Rule. It’s short and hilarious.

If it wont let you play it just hit “update plug-in” or “run this time” or what ever it says to do and then hit refresh and it should let you play it then. If not, just ask me for help.

But seriously, this is firetrucking hilarious…and weird. o.o


Anonymous asked:

... I can only see a few posts from you. What is up with this tumblr?

We only have about 3 posts. My editing system where I edit my photos was messed up but I got a new one and new posts are coming soon! :)

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